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Best PTC sites and Best Bitcoin faucets list - Best way to earn money online

   Welcome dear friend! It seems you are seeking a way to earn money online? You are in the

right place! To start with, let me talk about myself: I have started my online earning journey just

3 yearsago, and at the moment I am earning a 4 digit value (US dollars) monthly. To be honest,

it was not so easy, and there are plenty of things to learn in order to achieve it, but for you it will be easy ! Because I created this website: To share my experience with you and other people and help them to prosper! So my friend : Paid to Click (PTC) and Bitcoin Faucet sites is a good place to start.Nowadays with a rise of bitcoin, earning BTC became much more attractive, and many of old PTC sites turned to BTC faucets, or hybrid BTC-PTC websites,I have carefully analysed and prepared a list of Best,high paying,and trusted PTC and BTC faucet sites, If you join and works on all of them , you can earn up to 15$ daily, but thats just a start, as you spend more time and learn new methods your earnings will increase dramatically. List of best PTC and BTC:

Best PTC sites                         Best BTC(Bitcoin)Faucets  

1.BTCClicks - PTC site paying via Bitcoin,                            - Best Bitcoin Faucet,

there are usually 25-30 ads coming during                                     with biggest rewards, earn up  to

the day,average earning 0.02$,outstanding                                    0.03 BTC for every trial each hour

80% referral commission. Minimum payout                                    Average earning  0.35$/day.Referral                               0.0001 BTC. Join NOW!                                                                commission 50%. Join NOW!


2.Dollarclix - Both PTC and GPT at the 

same time,earn money by watching ads

and doing easy tasks,Avg earning 5-10$

daily.Minimum payout 1$, Intsant Paypal

and Bitcoin. Join now

3.FamilyBTC - Both PTC and BTC

faucet, earn in variety of ways, avg 

earning 0.05$. Referral commission

100%.Too many ads pop-up but the

site is lucrative. Join now!


2.Moonbitcoin -fantastic BTC faucet 

wait till reward collect and claim it

whenever you want,Avg earning 0.2$ daily. Ref commission 25%. Instant Payout Join now!

3.Neobux - a Dinosaur in PTC world! PTC

Proven by time, earn per click upto 0.02$

Per ref click 0.01$, Minimum payout is 2$

Multiple payout methods, Paypal, Bitcoin 

Perfect money. Join Now! 

4.Scarlet-clicks - Another trusted PTC

earn per click 0.01$, Referral commission

50%, Buy lottery ticket and win huge prizes

Minimum payout 2$. Monthly contests and

much more. Join now!

4.Bonusbitcoin - high paying faucet

claim bitcoin reward every 15 minutes

earn upto 5000 satoshi per claim.

Referral commission 50%, Instant payouts. Join now!


5.Cointiply - earn BTC in many ways

grab BTC from faucet,complete offers

Pretty huge earning potential,average

0.2$ per day, referral commission 

25%.Instant payout. Join now!


5.Optimalbux - trusted PTC,has similarity

with neobux, earn per clixk 0.005%,Referral

commission 50%,Minimum payout is 5$

Payout by Paypal,Perfectmoney,Bitcoin.

Payout in 24 hours, Join now!

6.Bitfun - earn bitcoin by playing games,claiming faucet reward and much more, simply have fun and earn BTC

Referral commission 50%.Instant payouts

 Join now!




So these are best PTC and BTC faucet sites, join them start your earning and contact me for advice how to increase the earning!












6.Cryptotab -earn bitcoins simply

by installing extension to GChrome!

Install Cryptotab browser and earn 

8x more! , Passive BTC earning,earn

BTC for being online.   Join now!

Best GPT sites, Instant Paypal

Bitcoin BTC